99 Names of Allah set.
A Child's Tafseer Series covers the suwaar in the 29th Juz of the Qur'aan.
The Ad-Duha Arabic Exercise Book Series is designed to teach children to read and understand the Qur'aan. Therefore, all vocabulary and examples used come directly from the Qur'aan, and focus on greater understanding of the Qur'aan.
This set includes all 12 currently available Lesson Manuals (Level ALP, Level A, Level B, Level C, Level F, and Level G) as well as the Teacher's Gradebook/Answer Key for both Level F and G (not pictured).
The Mini Tafseer Book Series is designed to assist parents in teaching their children to both understand and love the Qur'aan from a very young age.
The "Perfecting the Pillars" 8 book series teaches students about the first two pillars of Islaam, Shahaadah (witnessing to the oneness of Allah) and Salaah.
Level A of the Ad-Duha Program (recommended for children in KG - 1st Grade) offers young children the opportunity to learn a variety of Islamic subjects using our specially designed curriculum materials.
The ALP or "Accelerated Learning Program" (Premium) is recommended for Pre-K.This course offers everything you need for an active and exciting year.
Level B of the Ad-Duha program (recommended for children in 1st - 2nd Grade) continues seamlessly from Level A, to provide students with the opportunity to complete their study of several major subject areas.
Level C of the Ad-Duha program is recommended for children in 2nd to 3rd grade.
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